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Why Are You Going to Marfa?

Imagine this, you’re walking down a dusty street in a small, Texas town, in the middle of no-where, and all of a sudden you stumble into a Andy Warhol gallery featuring his final collection, the Last Supper, which is worth many, many, millions of dollars.
This may sound strange but apparently its the type of thing that happens all the time in Marfa Texas. Luckily it happened to some friends and I several weeks ago. Marfa is a small art community in west Texas, and was once the residence of famous american artist Donald Judd. Besides his hundreds of sculptures and other work, Marfa has a lot to offer. The entire town seems like a eclectic collection of repurposed art pieces, abandoned buildings and lonely, empty streets. This of course, when there isn’t a large festival going on.
The house that we stayed in was appropriately named “Gray Feather.” At first sight, we were instantly hit with fear and regret. “What were we thinking when we booked this?” was the general consensus, until we stepped inside. It was unlike any place I have ever been, with random pieces of art, vintage collectables and hidden treasures that kept revealing themselves the closer you looked. The splattered paint on the walls and floor, and the cracks and creaks that made me question the structural integrity of the building, added to the charm and overall experience.
The “Gray Feather” set the tone for the entire town, which seemed like a consistent theme whether deliberate or accidental. From the nearly hidden Do Your Thing coffee shop, to the Frama ice cream parlor at the Tumbleweed Laundromat, the Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese (with an old school bus for an additional dining area), and the 100-year unexplained ‘Marfa Lights’ phenomenon, Marfa is a conglomerate of interesting and unexpected combinations and suprises.
If you’re looking for a quiet retreat to consider the existence of extraterrestrial life and unlimited creative inspiration, Marfa is the place for you. It’s the kind of place where you can disappear from the mundane routine of reality, slow down a little and realize that beauty, irony and complexity can be found in almost any kind of expression.


Andy Warhol, Last Supper 

Donald Judd, Works in Cement

Do Your Thing Coffee shop

Gray Feather outside

Gray Feather inside

One of the several creepy dolls hidden behind light switches in Grey Feather.

Awesome lamp inside Gray Feather

Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese


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