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Bundy and Ladona Semi-Tall Shirt

Bundy and Ladona Semi-Tall Shirt

$ 29.00
Many foreigners dream of coming to America and living the american dream. Sadly, that dream often unfolds into a cold and mistaken reality, as people realize that life here is not as easy as they previously thought. Bundy is from Burundi Africa. His well-meaning friends on the street have never heard of the country, and due to his broken English and strong accent, they decided he was saying, Bundy. He works as a valet driver on the weekends but cannot afford rent and lives on the streets. We met these two sitting on some stairs near the homeless shelter. They seemed content with life and even slightly happy. When asked how they knew each other they said: “we’re being homeless together!” It’s amazing what attitude can do to a situation.
100% of the proceeds of this shirt will be donated to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.
100% made in the United States.

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