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NutterButter and DJ Semi-Tall Shirt

NutterButter and DJ Semi-Tall Shirt

$ 29.00
Nutterbutter is the street name for the creator of the sign on this shirt. He was incredibly friendly and even offered change after we gave him a few dollars for food. He had all kinds of things to tell about people on the street, including how to identify which homeless people that are “flying” signs should be given money and which will simply use the money for drugs. DJ lives in a parking stall and has been through intense hardship. He will never be used to the homeless life and says that many people treat him like trash. “They walk by and say we're on coke,” he says. All he wanted was access to a cheap hotel and help with finding a way to work and earn his own living.
100% of the proceeds of this shirt will be donated to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.
100% made in the United States.

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